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23" King Arthur Fantasy Excalibur Crusader Medieval Sword Historical Blade Knife
23" King Arthur Fantasy Excalibur Crusader Medieval Sword Historical Blade Knife
23" King Arthur Excalibur Medieval Crusader Sword Scabbard Historical Fantasy
23" King Arthur Fantasy Excalibur Crusader Medieval Sword Historical Blade Knife
Demonic Demons Medieval Cross Sword Evil Slayer Short Claymore Longsword
Holy Templar Battle Ready 1060 Full Tang Age of Chivalry Medieval Knightly Sword
Historical Vikings Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok - Stainless Steel Replica Nordic Style
Norse viking seax damascus blade handmade
Conan The Barbarian 20th Anniversary Atlantean Father's Sword Replica White Wrap
Medieval Renaissance Black Genuine Leather Rapier Sword Belt Frog Holder LARP
Viking Ulfberht Battle Ready Fully Functional Carbon Steel Sword with Scabbard
45" Medieval Excalibur King Arthur Crusader Sword with Plaque Chrome Brand New
41" LOTR ARAGORN SWORD Medieval Knight Warrior's Lord of the Rings Sword w/ Scab
Authentic Battle Ready Viking Long Sword Type XXII Oakshott w Leather Scabbard
Berserker Viking Warrior Axe - Functional Hand Forged HC Steel Tomahawk
Medieval Hand Forged Gram Full Tang Slayer of Fafnir Viking Sword
Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword Golden Medieval Gladius | Leather Wrapped Scabbard
13.5" KING ARTHUR MEDIEVAL Historical SHORT SWORD DAGGER Knife Knight Scabbard
Dark Knight Crusader Medieval Heater Shield w Cross Brown & Yellow
Handmade Scottish Targe Shield
Battle Ready Templar Knight Crusader Holy Red Cross Full Tang Long Sword Peened
3 PC 13.5" Renaissance Medieval Ornate Fantasy Dagger Short Sword w/ Sheath SET
The Suontaka Viking Sword by Windlass from Museum Replicas - Sharpened *LNIB*
Deluxe Scottish Great William Wallace Claymore Sword Collectible
36" Templar Crusader Medieval Knight's Arming Sword with Scabbard Cross Pommel
Medieval Scottish Claymore Sword Wood Handle 52 Inches Overall Length Lonsword
Celtic Viking Norse Sword & Sheath for Stage, Prop or Costume
Hanwei Rhinelander Medieval Bastard Sword With Custom Belt.
Templar Knight Medieval Claymore Type XI Crusader Steel Sword with Hard Scabbard
Fantasy Iron Reaver Skull Claw Knife Finger Armor with Blade
Windlass Steelcrafts Pirate Cutlass With Leather Wrapped Handle
18.25" ROBIN HOOD ORNATE SHORT SWORD Medieval Fantasy Dagger Knight Historical
Hand Made Full Tang Damascus Steel Excalibur Claymore Broadsword Sword
Medieval King Arthur Excalibur Knights Of The Round Table Templar Longsword
Medieval Crusader Full Tang Sword Blunted Reenactment Longsword Knights Templar
15th Century Hand-And-A-Half Full Tang Tempered Battle Ready Hand Forged Sharp
Knights Templar Crusader Holy Sword - Masonic - Freemasons - Medieval Broadsword
Handmade Scottish Targe Shield With Spike
He-Man Power Sword of Grayskull Steel Replica Masters of the Universe Cosplay
Medieval Battle Viking Warrior God Full Tang Sword of Tyr Handmade
Medieval Knights of Saint John Sword Replica Collectible
31.5" One Handed Medieval Wolf Fantasy Sword with Black Steel Scabbard Cosplay
Medeival Renaissance Joan of Arc Replica Longsword Replica
First Templar Knight Hugues de Payens Longsword Replica Stainless Steel Sword
Medieval Scottish Two Handed Claymore Broadsword Sword & Black Leather Sheath
Rustic Carbon Steel Barbarian Double Blade Medieval Axe with Hardwood Handle
King Arthur Excalibur Sword Inscribed Full Tang Steel Blade Replica Scabbard
43 " Medieval Classic Scottish Claymore Arming Sword with Scabbard
New Celtic Viking Medieval Norseman Steel Spatha Sword Broadsword with Scabbard
BRAVEHEART Scottish Hero William Wallace Claymore Polished Stainless Steel Sword
MEDIEVAL SWORD 50" Knight Two-Handed Zweihander Claymore Blade + Leather Sheath
41" LOTR ANDURIL SWORD Medieval Knight Warrior's Lord of the Rings Sword w/ Scab
windlass steelcrafts sword of santa casilda w/integrated scabbard
35" Steel mace with removable spikes.
42" Anduril The Sword of King Elessar & Sheath Medieval Crusader Sword w/ Scab
Famous European Celtic Mideval King Arthur Excalibur Sword- BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED
Frazetta Bloodstone Sword Albion 2/1000
Traditional Tanto Damascus High Carbon Steel Japanese Blank Blade Knife
15th Cent Hand-And-A-Half Full Tang Tempered Battle Ready Forged Medieval Sword
Viking Sword Battle Ready Fully Functional Peened Longsword Wooden Scabbard
Brave Heart William Wallace Two-Handed Sword With Scabbard The Brave Heart Movie
NEW! 52" Giant Medieval Claymore Sword Black Scottish Longsword William Wallace
NEW Cold Steel Hand-And-A-Half 33-1/2" Sword with Leather/Wood Scabbard 88HNH
Bosom Dagger - 5.25" w/Beveled Triangular Blade - LQQK!
SW 866-BK 35" Saint John sword Freemason Templar Knight Crusader Black Blade
52" Braveheart William Wallace Sword w/ Nylon Sheath
Fully Functional Battle Ready Tempered Steel Crusader Sword - Scabbard and Belt
EXCALIBUR 23" Medieval Style ROUND TABLE Detailed Sword w/ Sheath - Sharp!
Medieval Scottish Claymore Sword With Leather Scabbard with Real Leather Sheath
30" Medieval Templar Knight Crusader Sword with Scabbard Renaissance Cosplay
Medieval Godfred Viking Celtic Battle Sword with Stainless Blade and Scabbard
Medieval Hand Forged Gram Full Tang Slayer of Fafnir Viking Sword
35" SWORD Medieval Knight Warrior's Lord of the Rings Sword w/ Scab
Kirby Wise Renaissance Period Replica 11" "B" Dagger with Scabbard
41" MEDIEVAL LION'S HEAD Hand Painted Foam Knight Battle Sword - COSPLAY LARP
Primitive Scottish Dirk
10th Century Full Tang High Carbon Steel Viking Seax Style Dagger w/ Real Brass
Vintage Collectible Miniature Medieval Sword
Isle of Eigg Bronze-Hilt Viking Sword pre-production model
Roman IMPERIAL Gallic Centurion Helmet Italic Red Plume 18ga STEEL General
Gimli Battle Axe from the Lord of Rings
NEW 42" Christian Crusader Knight's Templar Medieval Long Sword
Excalibur Two Handed Full Tang Battle Ready Hand Forged Claymore Sword
Death Sentence Medieval Fantasy Stainless Steel Grim Reaper Costume Sword
Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword Claymore Sword Made in Scotland!
Hrathgar Viking Medieval Sparring Longsword Blunted FULL TANG Replica King
Vintage 3D Coat of Arms Knights, Crossed Swords, Castles, Crowns, Shields, Horse
German Medieval Two-Handed Two-Ringed Longsword Replica - Vintage-New
Troy The ACHILLES Sword From The Movie - TROJAN Legend Greek Era Medieval STEEL
Whetstone Cutlery William Wallace Medieval Sword with Sheath, Silver FREE SHIP
Medieval King Arthur Excalibur Replica Longsword - Gold
Medieval Knights Sword 43 1/2" replica
SHORT SWORD | Medieval 13" Knight Silver Black Scabbard Crusader Dagger HK-3481
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Carbon nanotechnology in an 17th century Damascus sword
In medieval times, crusading Christian knights cut a swathe through ... which quickly gained a mythical reputation among the Europeans. These ‘Damascus blades‘ were extraordinarily strong, but still flexible enough to bend from hilt to tip.
Real-life sword science plays role in 'Game of Thrones'
When the series opens its second season on Sunday, some of the swords you'll see are made of cheap resin, others are metal blades just meant to look good ... "Our swords are limited-edition collectibles, and no sword is impervious to damage.
Medieval Metal on Kirkwood sells swords, chainmail
Bagley said he established his own collection of knives and swords, while working at the Dragon’s Claw. But when the Dragons’ Claw closed its doors in 2003, his interest in medieval weaponry faded. He stored his blades in a box in his closet.
Hilde Lee: Kitchen knives have a long history of usefulness and technological progress
These forms included cooking vessels and even knife blades. By the Middle Ages, in Europe, people were carrying short swords or daggers. They brought them to the table to use for spearing and cutting up cooked foods. But in early 1600, table knives ...
European Sword Sharpness III - "Medieval Sharp" or "Razor Sharp"?
Nihonto (= historical japanese swords) have same weight, same edge geomentry and roughly the same metallurgy compared to european Medieval blades. The curvature doesn't give it any superior cutting abilities, as covered here: -- http://www ...
The knife: Mankind's oldest tool (Photos)
Knives have leant their design and manufacturing to other weapons and tools such as spears, swords, axes, cleavers, and machetes. Knives, particularly daggers, and swords have become iconic to many cultures and although the design of a Viking broadsword ...